Season 2 Kicks off with 4 SXSW2018 Interviews

March 21, 2018

Today, we kicked off Season 2 of our podcast with a special, on-location episode featuring four filmmakers/film teams at SXSW. Check out our new "Video Extras" page for the video footage of these interviews. Be sure to check out our previous bonus episode to hear capsule reviews of each film featured here.

Filmmakers Interviewed:


Christopher Reed
SXSW 2018 Is Almost Here!

March 7, 2018

We just posted, on our episodes page, our promised bonus episode about SXSW 2018. Bart and Chris will be arrive in Austin, Texas, this weekend, and record interviews with filmmakers at the festival, which we will compile into the first episode of Season 2, which we currently plan to release on March 21. We will also include some video – on our upcoming "live events" page – of those interviews. Stay tuned for more details. Remember that you can find us on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher, as well as on this site. Enjoy!

Christopher Reed
Of Season 1, and Beyond!

March 1, 2018

We – Summre, Chris and Bart – want to thank all of you who have listened to all or part of our first season, which began on January 3, 2018, and ran through February 7, with a special bonus episode (on last year's Oscar-nominated short and feature-length documentaries) on February 21. We have a lot of fun putting these together, and hope that they are equally as enjoyable to the rest of you. We are also grateful to the filmmakers we profile for making such interesting movies.

As Bart and Chris prepare to head to SXSW 2018 (which runs March 9-17), in Austin, TX, we will record one more bonus episode (to post on Wednesday, March 7), which will be a teaser of a few documentaries playing at the festival. Our plan after that is to begin running our second season on Wednesday, March 21, which will begin with an episode recorded, in all or in part, from that festival, itself. We wish we could all three meet up in Austin, but fear not, as we are formulating plans to do so in Washington, DC, in June, at the annual AFI DOCS.

Remember that you can find us on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher, and also listen to the show on our episodes page. Happy podcasting!

Christopher Reed